Monthly Archives: February 2013

Think Act Change : Consuming Less in time of excess

Wow. My First Think Act Change event certainly was interesting and got me thinking, and hella inspired to keep making those changes.

I wanted to share my thoughts coming from i guess from the mindful angle.

We are aware we’d like to make a change or underway already, this is what I’d deem a conscious action. I think what’s happened is because we live in such a high intensity society we have forgotten how to think, or more like we think too much about anything and everything, and we’re trying to multitask so we’ve got it all now jumbled up. Till suddenly we fine we’re running after ourselves, we don’t know our own voice, we’ve lost touch with our conscious. We don’t think we have ‘time’. So – i’d like to say ( i never thought i’d say this) let’s think more like the ‘WORM’ he he, take it slower. Then maybe we will get some more conscious decisions and less blind reactions (which big business is thriving upon-and our planet, which includes ourselves is copping the bat). We’re taught to want uniformity, words like ‘convenience’, ‘comfortable’, and ‘secure’. These are promoted but act like personal barriers for change. We solve problems with problems rather than confronting our issues, because of the fear that has been generated. We are over complicate things. Get back to grass roots. We are human beings, each and everyone of us, has the power to inflict change in our reality.
But how do we go about it? How do we get ourselves, or others to change? Especially in our society which is hard pressed on ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ so that things have become blurred. Who should we listen to ? I think the answer is US, ourselves, and that golden goal of happiness we keep investing just out of reach? You can find it right here, within yourself, whenever you want to.
So what makes you motivated? I think yes, raising awareness and being informed can dilute ignorance, but to make someone change their daily engrained routine? We need to get people involved. In action. One you are creatively participating in something you are seeing it evolve in your own hands. This is empowerment. And so thought changes from i SHOULD (which is almost always met with passive resistance), to i WANT. Living in a world that constantly tells us what is to be done and does it for us, on both sides of the coin, can lead to reliance, thoughtlessness, and just plain laziness. Once we are all participating we can lead ourselves into a revolution in mindfulness.