Ode to Le Zad (songpoem)

Le Zad fell on my plate

Le Zad never leaves me on a date

Le Zad is never late

Le Zad is obsulate

I fly up up up into an orange peeled sky

And when I dream I fall, into soft pillowy beds, with warm arms around me

I cry a thousand tears and then those tears they fall like dreams, and turn into streams, that travel through mountains, and come to rest in great beds, of joy.

I fall like a soaring plane plummeting into an apple tree.

And then i fly once more.

I fly, so high I almost touch the sky

Can I get my feet back on the ground?

Please tell me I’ve forgotten why

We pass, all beauty in the world

Running after things that never last

failing to see what’s in our grasp (beat)


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