Le Champs de Ronce

Just after considering giving it all up and jumping the first plane home

I find myself standing in the middle of a ‘wow’ moment

Sun rays ever pouring through the leaves of the nearby tree into what some would call a religious symbol.

A hexagon of Tao or a star of David?

They’d shout proclamations to the sky then argue with deep furrowed brows.

Who knows? But it is miraculous.

The garden bed below appears to be magical in the light with mist seeping upwards like evergreen vines climbing the trees and  fairy dust seeping out of its pours.

My fingers and toes are tingling with delight.

And though my bowel movements are not so well I’m elevated, almost enlightened at the time.

We are making a poor attempt at a fire.

But this seems to add to the experience as the smoke gathers its ammunition  to take flight.

Weaving through the rays like a Chinese dragon.

Jenny doesn’t want to hear the news today coz its ‘too much stress’

I say ‘nothin’ will happen and there’ll just be music’

We turn on the radio and pause…

We can’t find the station.

All we pick up is some beautiful classical music.

A cello sawing a melancholic tune,

And a piano tinkering away at its chords.

We stand their like flowers photosynthesizing in the light.

The pigment of shade plays shadows of doubt on our faces and hints that really,

just within arms reach,

there’s a whole new world, dancing around us.


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