Words scatter like the bread crumbs around me

They fall from my lips with the intention to fly kites

But these kites have been fixed with weights

Virginia wolf is lurking by a pool

My pen sits in the plate…why?

I’m standing on the edge of a barbed wire fence

And people are taking pictures of me

The road is marked with lines and signs

Too many directions

I choose a true story of a story of true love

But can you chose?

Or is it only a song?

As I sit in the room waiting patiently for the others

I know something is wrong

I’m like a bed with no springs

A door with no hinges

Babylon is all around me

As I reflect upon my choices I can see

I’ve been doused with a good dose of cunning, self loathing, and pity

It seems the only answer is compromise

And the best decision is that of which is best for others?


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