Chance encounter?

On a high from a flyer job. Yes, a flyer can get higher. I took a hop skip and jump to Angel bus stop. As usual my bus was already there so I picked up some speed and jumped in with just enough time. Just enough time to check out the drop dead gorgeous guy standing before me. My god was he beautiful. Flawless brown skin, a casual upkeep (not too much on show and not too much in trend) and a nose ring, just like mine. But once on the bus he was a thing of the past.

The doors had closed and I was prompted to scan my oyster. I was sure I had 1 pound 50 left, so I reckoned I’d be right. I was wrong. The red beep rejected me. You see I’m not too sharp with the finances. “You need 2 pounds 30 for the bus” the bus driver droned, so quickly I relieved him with a shrug “that’s ok, I don’t have any more money so you can let me go”. By that time the doors were open again and more people were pouring in left right and center. I had to practically climb my way out.

When I got to the other side, there he was, waiting for me. I wish!… Wait a second; how bout I give that a go, I mean, what have I got to lose? QUICK! No time for thinking, now’s my CHANCE! I put on a disappointed woe as me look, plonked myself beside him and sighed “now I’m going to have walk all the way across the road, ughhh” His response was pitch perfect and on cue “such a shame”. With the ice melted I figured i hone in for the kill “and your just too sexy”. That’s right, I said it. I said it whilst looking right into his big blue eyes. But now that I’d taken the plunge I didn’t know what to do. And that’s when it started. I was burning up, felt glued to the spot, and found myself hopeless.  I can only imagine I was blushing with embarrassment. He said “thanks babe” then looked at my nose piercing, and complimented me on that. A winning deflection. Suddenly a million reasons why I shouldn’t take it a step further overwhelmed me. He could have a girlfriend and then we’d have that awkward “sorry I’m taken” moment. Not too mention the fact that he’s ridiculously out of my league. I figured he’d brush me away some way or another. It’s not that I’m not sexy, I’m alright, but I’m not that god damn sexy! I felt useless and unloved and we didn’t even know each other. I clearly wasn’t making sense. So I fled. I literally ran away! On my dash I had to convince myself that it’d all be O.K. That he would chase after me and ask for my number if he wanted it. That I wasn’t REALLY letting an opportunity go. And worse comes to worse he’d still be waiting when I got back.

When I arrived back… at the station (he, he).  I tried the eftpos top up machine and it was minimum five pound. I only had five Australian dollars on my card so I lined up for the cash slash eftpos machine but that was still minimum five pound! Now I only had the human rail attendant left. Unfortunately, that line always seems be slower, mainly because of the travelers buying all sorts of complicated passes. By the time I got to the front I was sure the boy had left. I’d taken too long. I was defeated. I couldn’t even get the rail attendant on side. I thought I’d have to walk all the way home and wallow in my sadness. But no. I took a chance and had one last go on the machine with my other card, which I was sure was in debt. But it worked! I turned back to the bus stop with a slight brisk of hope. If the card had worked maybe I could! But he wasn’t there. Just like the bus, he’d gone.

When I boarded the bus for the second time, I dreamed of what could of happened if I’d taken it a second step further. What would’ve I said? What would’ve I done? And of course what amazingly sexy times could of occurred?!

My dream sequence went as follows:

Me “can I stay with you?”

Him “why sure babe, what do you wanna do?”

Me “I don’t wanna be a nuisance…you headin’ home?”

Him “yep”

* We catch the bus in silence. Silence filled with anticipation. When we arrive at his comfortable apartment, we throw down our bags, slip off our clothes and have sex in the kitchen. Full stop, the end. The rest of course, is for the boroughs of my mind, nothing more.  Post indulgence would be smiles all round, holding hands and perhaps even LOVE!

If I ever see that boy again, or any other boy that god damn appealing I’m not gonna stop. I’m not gonna stop til they cry rape! It doesn’t happen very often to me and these opportunities needn’t be wasted. Like my oyster card needs a top up every now and then I admit my garden needs watering. I’m a sexual being. It’s in my blood. I never thought I’d find the day where I’d learn something from a machine, but today they really did enlighten me. I learned that you just need to give them what they need and then they are happy. You want it, they want it and that’s that.  Boys are simple creatures, over complicating things are mind games and there definitely a no go. Especially within the first week of meeting them. (which seems the most popular time for these to go on)  You usually have it! Whatever it is “you’ve got it, yeh baby you got it” (bloody advert) even though your moping around not thinking you do! So stop second guessing yourself and give it a go, whoever or whatever it is. As many friends once said ‘ you only live once’.


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